17 November 2011 ~ Comments Off on What I Did On My Summer (and Fall) Vacation

What I Did On My Summer (and Fall) Vacation

Well, it wasn’t much of a vacation, I can tell you that much. But I’m pretty damned excited about what I’ve done.

The first is probably obvious: Simple Workout is now Pump Up Your Fitness! Not to worry—my goal is still to offer easy advice to make fitness simple. However, I think the new title is a better description of what I’m trying to do here: give you something that will get you pumped about your fitness.

However, that’s not the biggest news…

In my quest to help you be leaner, shapelier and healthier, I retreated to my labs for the past several months and worked on a program that anyone can use to lose fat, sculpt their body with lean muscle, and eat right without starving themselves into shape.

I realized that most programs are one-size-fits-all (or at best there’s one alternate method for “beginners”) and offer little or no assistance with your personal goals and sticking points. So I set out to fix that.

Introducing the Fitness MasterPlan!

I’m so stoked about this…been writing, recording audio programs and field-testing everything to try and make this the easiest, most “stick-to-it-able” plan there is. The workouts are simple. The nutrition program has just one rule. If you can’t flatten your abs, tone your arms, lose that baby weight and get stronger with this plan…well, I’ll give you your money back!

If you have a library of diet and exercise advice, you know it’s confusing. One guru works you out with aerobics for a solid 40 minutes. Another has you do 150 sit-ups.

And don’t get me started on the diet books. Cut all fats? Cut all carbs? Eat according to your blood type?? All you need is one rule, and perhaps an explanation of that rule and how to apply it. No extremes, no weighing, no “points” and no starvation!

I call it the Fitness MasterPlan because it’s really a masterplan you can refer to and adapt as your needs and situation change. And to top it off, you’ll have a real personal trainer by your side, to answer your specific questions, help you overcome your personal issues and roadblocks, and clear up any confusion. Whether you need help on Day One or Day 250, I’ll be a message away.

Here’s what’s in the Fitness MasterPlan package:

  • The Fitness MasterPlan Guide. The exercise and nutrition bible.
  • Audio Workout Programs. I walk you through each day of the Fitness MasterPlan exercise program, with tips and advice for making your workouts rock.
  • Workout Cheat Sheets. Load these easy-to-read cheat sheets on your smart phone or iPod when you’re ready to hit the gym (or your living room) on your own.
  • Workout Tracker. Keep track of your exercises and watch your strength grow.
  • Fitness Tracker. Self-calculating tracking sheet to chart your progress—you can actually see your body take shape!
  • Shopping List. The foods you need, conveniently listed and ready to take to the grocery store, with a simple system for making sure you don’t run out of these vital foods.
  • Personal Trainer Support. The answers to all your questions—your questions, not just generic pat answers—are a click away.

With all that in the package, you’d expect this to be expensive. Personal consultations with a trainer can run you hundreds per month all by itself!

But I wanted to put this within anyone’s reach. I built this program to help you, not to get rich. I finally decided on an initial price that’s less than what you’d pay for a single hour of training at your local gym (often not even particularly good training).

To read more, head over to the Fitness MasterPlan page. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side!

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