24 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Remembering Jack LaLanne

Every gym owner, personal trainer and infomercial fitness guru owes their career to Jack LaLanne, who did it all first, back when fitness was a hard-sell and the term “workout” hadn’t yet been invented.

He opened his first gym in the 1930s, had a national TV show in the 1950s, and sold countless Juice Tiger juicers through paid airtime in the 80s. His name was literally a synonym for a fit, healthy-living man. He happened along at the right time, when many humans were no longer performing physical labor and needed something to keep our bodies from turning to mush.

Jack LaLanne died on Sunday at the age of 96. I’ve written a longer piece on him at my other site (A Lesson from Jack LaLanne), but I’ll be offering a few of his more inspirational bits over on the Simple Workout Facebook page. Here’s one to start you off:


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